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July 3, 2013
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Hoshino: Sho by Shippa-chan Hoshino: Sho by Shippa-chan
hsfhsdufhh thanks for the invite!! Sorry it took so long ; o ;
-editing in progress, just wanted to submit it now-

Name: Sho Tsugumi
Age: 16 (second-year)
Gender: Male
Blood Type: B
Height:163cm | 5'4"
Birthday: April 5
Specialty: Cooking
Sub-Specialty: Harmonica

Personality: Enthusiastic, generous, impulsive, impatient, competitive, carefree
Preferred Activities: Grocery shopping, cooking, reading (cookbooks and manga), internet blogging
Likes: Watching people eat his food, shounen manga, competition and competitions
Dislikes: Wasted food, arrogant people

Backstory: Sho was born in Kyoto to unmarried parents - his father was only in Kyoto for a business trip actually. At 8 years old his mother fell extremely ill and was too poor to pay for medical fees, leaving Sho to take care of the house by himself. Fortunately, 3 years later his father (whom he has never seen or met) started sending money over to a good hospital for full-time care for Sho's mother. Sho was delighted, however his father forgot to send Sho money. Sho managed to survive on minimal money and managed to strike up a deal with his closest friend - he would come over to their house and make their dinner as long as he could eat it as well. He started borrowing out cook books and researching online for recipes and cooked only the very best for his friend's family.
On Sho's 14th birthday he got a call from a person who turned out to be his father, requesting to go on a camping trip with him. Sho was reluctant, but after discussing it with his mother he accepted. He found out that his father was actually the CEO of a string of popular high-class restaurants in the country, ones that even Sho would know. He managed to teach Sho a few secret cooking techniques at the camp as well. Throughout this, his father would always act like a stranger to Sho, so their bond didn't really develop. One day while hiking Sho and his father got lost and his father slipped and fell off a cliff. His father then called for a rescue helicopter, but it took a while and Sho got impatient and started exploring the area himself. When he came back to the area the copter had already come and left. Sho then spent the next 18 days in the wild by himself, but the biggest problem for him was the food. He had a harmonica to entertain himself with, but his father had all the knives in his backpack and Sho was frustrated at the lack of cutting he could do with his food. When the rescue team did manage to find him, Sho swore to never go anywhere without cooking knives by his side (he only took the smaller ones though).
When he came back to his friend's family he started utilising the cooking techniques his father taught him and his cooking skills shot up considerably again. Near the end of the year his father sent him over an application for Hoshino Gakuen with the father specific parts already filled out. Sho was uncertain again, but after talking with his mother (who had already known about it) and deciding that he had nothing against his father he decided to take it. Over the Christmas holidays his father had another surprise for him - after seeing his potential at the camp he had sent over an escort to pick Sho up and bring him to Tokyo, where his father was at. His father's secretary and wife came out to meet him and kindly explained to him that his father wanted to personally instruct Sho in cooking, and that this would happen almost every holidays except for the ones when his father was busy with work. Sho's mother was also transfered over to a nearby hospital in Tokyo. Instead of 'personal' lessons though, his father had arranged for courses by top chefs from his restaurants and only taught Sho every now and then. In his free time Sho would play the harmonica or sometimes blog on the internet about recipes that he made up or rant about the chefs he was taught by.

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Hi there handsome~:iconlazyinviteplz:

AMG HE COOKS~~~~~~~~~~~<33333
Shippa-chan Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2013
Sho: H-handsome? //pushes back hair// why hello there
etto-sama Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2013  Student General Artist
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Stop it you're killing me with your bishie charms wwww:heart:
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Sho: I-I-I-- *glances nervously, blushing* p-please take care of me...
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